Manhattan Ave Bagel Shop Renovation in Brooklyn

As a construction firm employing talented and capable individuals, we take pride in our work. We love taking on challenges and pushing the boundaries when it comes to our craft. One such challenge we encountered pitted us with the task of retrofitting an old bagel shop located on Manhattan Avenue in none other than iconic Brooklyn, New York.

It was no small feat by any means, especially when working with old buildings. One of the primary concerns was maintaining a balance between the old and the new. In this case, a lot of the old parts and pieces needed to be upgraded while at the same time making sure that both the soul and aesthetics of the building remained the same.

The first step when working with the building was to check for pipes, vents and the electrical wires. Once it was determined where everything was connected, we started first by working on upgrading the plumbing, wirings, and vent systems and moving outwards with the finishes and carpentry jobs.

Pipe and Vent Upgrade

One of the first tasks we’ve done involving the pipe and vent system was moving the previously installed sink the toilet to a new location. This was then followed by modifying the vent system which we made sure went all the way up to the roof where it would connect with the upgraded HVAC system.

After which we began working on setting up and installing the indirect drainage pipes for the AC system together with the new water submeter for the store in the basement. We used check primers to connect the pipes to the air handlers of the AC units.

We also did repair work on the sewer drain located in the basement which was damaged from being exposed as well as being old. The gas pipe system for the building was also optimized by installing a new gas meter bar to fit the 1-1/2″ pipe system which we installed in the place of the old 1-1/4″ gas pipes which the building previously used.

Lighting and Wiring Installation

The lighting and wirings which were previously installed on the building were given an extensive overhaul. This was started by relocating the existing electrical panel to a new location and moving the wirings as necessary to install the new ceiling lights and set them in place. This included installing twelve lights for the store and kitchen as well as six new light fixtures for the basement.

In addition, four lights switches were installed together with fourteen electrical outlets which included the ten found on the ground floor while the other four were installed in the basement.

As for the kitchen, much of its wiring was optimized for the new exhaust system and existing appliances. The work done included installing three new counter outlets with their dedicated lines for electricity for the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigeration units as well as the hood light. New electric switches were also installed together with the electric outlets in key locations in the building. Ten of which were put up on the ground floor while four were connected on the basement. A new digital electric sub-meter was also installed which replaced the old one. Also, necessary changes to the wiring were configured to handle the load of two new AC units which were mounted on the rooftop along with four new air handlers for the new and improved ventilation system which we also installed.

Chimney, Roofing, and Ventilation

In this project, we also made sure to make changes to the ventilation system so that it would be able to efficiently cool the building during the hot summer months and better retain heat during the colder seasons. The building was outfitted it with two five-ton Mitsubishi City multiple condensing units with four wall-mounted air handlers which were connected using the newly installed air ducts. Also, the duct system was also given a new fan to improve the efficiency of the HVAC system better.

The roof was also given a makeover since it needed to handle the extra load the new HVAC system introduced. For this, a new brick wall base was made from scratch to install a new steel dunnage on the roof for the condensing units.

Penetration on the roof was also done to accommodate the installation of the new chimney. The penetration was estimated at 2′ into the building and going up to at least 3 feet from the roof. An approximated length of about 45 to 50 feet of 12″ diameter stainless steel chimney piping was used. Additionally, roof and wall supports were also provided with the chimney installation for better support and stability.

Building Woodwork and Finishes

As for the interior of the building, new frames were added to the ceilings and the walls which for the entire building. This included installing new walls for the bathroom at the new location. The walls were drywalled using sheetrock which was installed onto the newly added ceiling and wall frames.

The general kitchen area was waterproofed and given a newer look using Classic Blanco 12″x 24″ glazed porcelain tiles. Two additional support poles were also installed in the basement as well as adding steel support beams on the ground floor. Also, both the interior and exterior of the building were given a fresh coat of paint to give life the newly installed drywall. All leftover trash were properly disposed of leaving only a brand new and refurbished building.

As professionals doing the work we do, seeing our hard work completed, brings a feeling of accomplishment. Before we unveiled the new and improved building, we asked all of the crew to leave their mark at the back as a lasting testament to the dedication of our team to their art and their craft ─ just like all great artists.


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